Twenties Young Adults

Ages 18-32


  • Join Pastors Mitch and Gina Fernandez for wonderful fellowship, Bible study, outreach, and of course, food!
  • Our Twenties group is an incredible opportunity for young adults to get involved with the Church and with God.
  • Sundays, we meet in our Sunday School class at 9:30 in The Learning Center.
  • Wednesday Night Worship services are at 7:00 pm in the War Room.

J.A.M. Children’s Ministry

Jesus and Me Kids Church


  • Pastor Carol Hartsfield has something special going on every week for your kids.
  • We want our children engaged in God’s Word through Sunday School and Kid’s Church.
  • Sunday School begins at 9:30 with CHOMP in a new series called “Clear as Mud.”
  • Wednesday nights, we have something for every age group!
  • Ages 0-3:    Nursery
  • Ages 4-5:    Kingdom Kids

   Ages 6:10:   J.A.M.

  Ages 11-12:  Zone 56


ConXtion Youth Ministry

Ages 12-19

– Pastor Andrew Taylor leads our youth group and there is always something that teenagers can get involved in!
– We put a heavy emphasis on the teaching of the Word of God and there is no better place than 9:30 Sunday School. Join us as we journey through our new series, The Gospel Project.
– Every Sunday night at 6:00 we have student – led Fuse Groups at Pastor Andrews house, 100 Centre Street.
– Every Wednesday night our doors open at 5:30 for a time of Fellowship and then at 7:00 pm, worship begins.